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How to Keep a Pretty Kitty Cat - Fan Update

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*It’s not that hard, you know.*
Okay its your girl Camella James and thanks to Brain for letting me share this. It’s important to keep in mind that there truly is no such thing as a single beautiful beaver, just like there is also no such thing as a perfect penis. In fact, even the idea of vaginal beauty is a matter of debate among the female community.
Gozkybrain Izuka
So if you want to achieve a pretty pussy, try out these tips - Camella James.

#1 Get to know it.
You can’t hide under your skirt, wear a g-string, and pretend it’s not there. To take care of it and make it pretty, you have to get to know it. Take a tour of your vajoons…
-Know your ladyparts: If you haven’t taken a peek down there, best brush up on your anatomy lessons or just go Google it so you know what you’re looking at.
-Then, make sure to cover the basics: privacy. Go in a room with a door that you can lock, like your bathroom or bedroom. -Sit in front of a mirror. A hand-held or a full length one will do.
-Open your legs all the way in front of the mirror.
-Take a gander at yourself. The last thing you want to do now is to judge yourself or compare.
-Get to know it by knowing your parts.

#2 Trim it.
You can, of course, just go au naturale, and let your bush grow out and all over. That’s no problem, and “to each her own.” It just becomes tricky when you want to tame your beaver’s weave.
Do you wax or cut or shave? Whatever you go for, make sure it’s nice and comfy, and you will feel good in it. You can even search for pegs on how you want your landing strip to look.

#3 Tighten it up.
One word: kegels. Due to childbirth and aging, the vagina can loosen. When this happens, you tend to have incontinence and your dick driveway will feel like it’s been a fast food drive thru—which is not that sexually pleasurable to both you and your partner. So do yourself a favor and do some kegel exercises to strengthen and tighten up your chach.

#4 Keep it bump-free.
Bumps, whether from ingrown hairs from shaving and other forms of hair removal, can make your cooch look like it’s breaking out – especially if the bumps look like pimples. If you don’t like zits on your face, you wouldn’t like zit-looking bumps on your pussy either.

#5 Make it smell nice.
Douching and other ways of making your cooch smell nice is actually making things worse for you. They are unhealthy. So the best resort is to maintain good hygiene and keep it free from infections, which can be the major cause of stink down there.
Try drinking pineapple juice to make your juices sweet smelling and tasting too.

#6 Be healthy.
As if we can’t stress it enough, maintain good hygiene in your chach. Wash it, especially before and after sex, with gentle soap to keep it clean and fresh.

#7 Avoid infections.
Avoid tight-fitting pants or jeans, and make sure to use clean, cotton underwear to make your beaver breathe and prevent yeast infections. Make sure to also use protection so your chach won’t catch STDs.

#8 Try surgery.
If you are into that drastic sort of thing, then try labioplasty or vulvaplasty. Today, many cosmetic surgeons offer such services to get your vag under the knife so it will be a pretty pussy.

#9 Show appreciation.
There’s also another way to beautify your beaver without making you break the bank. In fact, you don’t even need to spend a dime. Just show appreciation to it. Be grateful for your vagina, whatever it looks like.

#10 Buy her presents.
Your chach takes a lot of punches, if you know what I mean. You and her have been through a lot, so aside from showing how thankful you are, shower it with presents too! A few sexy thongs and some toys would make her—and you—happy.

#11 Jazz her up.
Well, only if you want to. Give her some bling with a little vajazzling.

#12 Give her love.
You wouldn’t feel good about your cooch if you’re not giving it some loving. With or without a man in tow, please her. Get your fingers in action or get some toys in the mix to give your sexuality—and confidence—a boost.

#13 Reality check.
Look at real vaginas. Your snatch doesn’t really have to look like those you see in porn—it’s their job to look great down there. That’s now what all vaginas look like, and if yours looks different, don’t ever feel bad, or feel like you have to meet some certain standard.

#14 Be confident.
Own your body. Own your pretty pussy. Whatever your preconceived notions of what pretty is, it’s not real. And most of all, it’s not Y-O-U. You have what you have, and be grateful and proud that it functions the way it should.

Have respect and pride for your body, your pretty pussy, and no matter what your lady parts look like. So stop all that judging and worrying and comparing—just pat yourself on the pussy, because it’s beautiful, it’s yours, and it’s you!

… As Written by Camella James.

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