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Here are Six Reasons You're Thinking About Your Ex

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These are a few reasons that seem to be the most probable as to why you’re thinking about your ex again.

Gozkybrain Izuka
And if you’re tossing and turning in bed, wondering why you’re losing sleep over someone who’s now history, these 6 reasons should probably sum it up for you even if you can’t point your finger on it.

#1 The lifestyle. Perhaps you miss the lifestyle that you shared while you were both together. Dinners out at new and exciting restaurants, nights dancing and laughing with good friends, trips to new cities or just hanging out with someone that was into the same things as you *good coffee, music, and being outdoors*.

#2 Friendships. Perhaps, you miss the friendships that you had while you were in the relationship. Sometimes ending a relationship unfortunately also means ending awesome friendships. If you are on the short end of that stick, it could mean losing an awesome group of people. Missing your old crew is more than enough of a reason to start thinking about your ex again.

#3 The tough stuff. Most often in relationships, you go through a lot of stuff together. Not just relationship stuff, but life stuff. Family and friends change, people and things are lost, depression, anxiety, etc. Life definitely throws a lot at you and when you are in a relationship, and your partner is the person who most often helps you through it.

#4 The good times. You’ve obviously had good times together. While you weren’t dealing with life’s tough stuff, you were hopefully busy making some happy memories with your ex. And while you reminiscence on your vacation to Spain or your road trip to New York City you are likely to remember whom you were with. And often, that is going to be an ex.

#5 You have unfinished business. Some of us are unlucky enough to have those exes that leave us with unfinished business, unanswered questions, and generally a lot of baggage. Perhaps, you’re thinking of your ex again because you want to get it over with, and move on with your life for good.

#6 You’re wondering… What if? Another big reason why you might be thinking of your ex is because you are wondering what if . What if you could get back together? What if things would work out this time around? What if you are meant for each other? What if your ex is thinking about you too?

“What ifs” can be dangerous territory, so it’s best to consider a few things before making your next late-night confession message or phone call to an ex.

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