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A - Z Guide on How to Eat Punani like a Pro

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It's your girl Camella James.
As a woman, I’m here to help you get back on the pussy licking road to enlightenment. You need to know how to do it and how to do it well.
It’s going to take practice and some hard work, but trust me, once you really know how to lick pussy and find the groove, you’ll become the pussy eating master. Isn’t that what you wanted? Why else would you be reading this?

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So, let’s get started.
#1 Do you enjoy doing it?
There’s a huge difference between a guy who likes doing it and one who feels like he has to do it. Don’t be the latter. Guys who eat pussy well are guys who actually love pleasuring their partners. If you’re not ecstatic about eating pussy, well, you don’t have to do it. No one wants someone who’s going to do a half-ass job.

#2 Listen to your partner.
It’s the best way to see if you’re doing it right. You can tell when someone is inauthentic when it comes to them enjoying getting their pussy eaten out. If they’re wildly screaming, there’s a good chance they’re faking it.
If they’re silent, you’re probably not hitting the spot. But this is when you switch it up and try something new or ask them where to go. They’ll let you know what spot to hit.

#3 Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.
The problem with sex today is people put so much pressure on themselves to pleasure their partners. If you’re enjoying the sexual experience with your partner, the odds are, they are as well. If you’re stressed out about going down on your partner, take a deep breath. Eating pussy isn’t going to win you an Olympic medal. It’s sex, it’s supposed to be fun and light.

#4 You don’t only have to use your tongue.
Yes, the tongue is a major player in licking pussy, obviously, but you can use your fingers as well. Don’t think that you’re limited to just your tongue.
Some women take longer to climax than others, so if you just use your tongue, you’re going to be exhausted. You can finger her at the same time you eat her out or if you want to take a break, finger her while making out with her. Switch it up, she may even prefer being fingered and licked at the same time, you just need to find the combination that works for her.

#5 Don’t forget about the anus.
Anal play isn’t taboo anymore. In fact, more and more people are openly talking about anal play and how enjoyable it is. If you’re new to the world of anal play, relax. No, it’s not dirty, just make sure you and your partner are clean before sex—suggest a sensual shower together.
If you’re fingering or going down on her, lubricate your finger with either lube or spit and gently rub it around her anus. You’ll feel it relax when this happens, you can slowly insert a finger into her anus and hold it there. Then, slowly move it in and out—it feels amazing.

#6 Not every woman is the same.
You may think that the way you eat pussy is the best way and it may be for one woman, but for another, it doesn’t do anything for her. You can’t have tunnel vision when it comes to licking pussy. You need to understand that every vagina is unique, so don’t be surprised if you switch up your method.

#7 Don’t jump right away to the clit.
This is what guys always do, and it’s wrong. Don’t just start digging away at the clit. You need to warm it up and since the clit doesn’t lubricate itself, you should be focusing on making that pussy wet. Start with slow, broad licks and then build up the tension, making your way closer and closer to the clit.

#8 Build the tension.
Women need time to get turned on. The vagina is like an oven. Yes, we may be turned on, but we need some time to warm up. So, when it comes to knowing how to lick pussy the right way, really take your time and don’t rush eating it. Enjoy the moment, enjoy making her squirm and moan while you’re down there, and build the tension up so that all she wants is for you to fuck her.

#9 Don’t forget the good ole labia.
Don’t forget the labia, aka. the vaginal lips. Many guys just bypass them all together, but we love it when you pay attention to them as well. Do firm, slow, fat licks up and down the labia to help stimulate the vagina. Start from the bottom of her vagina and lick all the way up to the clit. But don’t do any pointy tongue licking yet.

#10 Make sure to suck.
Now, you can lick, and licking is great, so do that. But, don’t forget to suck. Suck on her clit and lips—now don’t be a vacuum and try to rip them off of her, but suck on them. Switch it up from licking to sucking, find your own groove.

#11 Really get your face in there.
Listen, if you really don’t like doing it, then don’t do it. Women want a guy who’s really going to get in there and eat their pussy like it’s lunch. When we see a man passionate about licking us, that’s what turns us on. It’s the same thing when a woman is giving you a blowjob. The ones that really love sucking your dick, those are your best experiences.

#12 Let her sit on your face.
Oh God, do we love this position. You can eat pussy while she’s on her back or when she’s on all fours, but the best way to get right in there is if she sits on your face. She’s in a squatting position, so her vagina is more open and ready to take on a licking.

#13 Mix up the positions.
If she’s into anal play, eat her out while she’s on all fours or when she’s laying on her stomach. You’ll be able to eat out her ass while fingering her or vice versa.
You can bend her over the sofa, eat her out while she’s standing, or lick her while she’s sitting in a chair. There’s really no bad position when it comes to licking pussy.

#14 Mix up the licking.
This may sound confusing, but you’ll get what I mean in a second. You can do fat licks when your tongue is completely flat or you can do short licks with just the tip of your tongue.
Both are amazing, especially when you mix it up. Don’t just stick to one type of licking. You can do broad licks and then suddenly lick her clit quickly with the tip of your tongue.

Now that you know how to lick pussy, it’s time to practice. Make sure that your partner gives you their opinion on what you’re doing right and wrong. That way, you improve your pussy licking skills.

… As Written by Camella James.

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