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5 Things You Should NEVER Say After Sex

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I know you love eating the forbidden fruit but after throwing away the seeds, there are also forbidden things you are not supposed to say.

Gozkybrain Izuka
Ladies are sensitive and emotional when it comes to sex, so if you want her to come over another day, you have to be a good boy. Kindly refrain from these hurtful utterances.

#1. Did I hit it good? / Did you cum? » Every man wants to hear good things about his performance in bed. We all love it when a sexy chic dishes out compliments on our skills but asking for them is plain right stupid. Don’t fish for sweet words right after sex. It makes you come across as a needy dude who is unsure of his abilities. It’s a total deal breaker. When you match your troops towards her ‘land of milk and honey’, make sure you put up a devastating performance that’ll encapsulate everything great about you. Then the congratulatory messages will flow out of her mouth for the job well done. You won’t have to ask.

#2. CD Has Burst! » Hey… Nothing drives a woman into panic mode like these words. You’ve been wild like a beast as she goes “uuuh….aaah…yesss” and after you get off her, she bears no doubts that you are the Don. But then you realize the rubber is no more. It’s been shred to pieces. I am aware that some ladies don’t get scared by such unfortunate occurrences but most will, especially if it’s a random lay. Just be careful not to get yourself in this scenario. Don’t be too rough.

#3. I think you should leave » Asking a woman to leave after lungula can be categorized into ungentlemanly behavior.. She was kind enough to let you enjoy her goodies so let her relax. Give her nice food and water. There’s nothing as satisfying as a heavy meal after bedroom activities. All washed down well with a drink. Oh my wamae!! If you can afford it, do it. Even if you want her gone then give an excuse which does not drive a dragger in her heart - I've been used!

#4. I’m tired » You pump for 5 seconds then claim you are tired. Holy craap!!! A woman will never call you again. Soldier on brother even if you are actually tired. Try to make the experience worthwhile at least. If you do a lazy job then coat it up with annoying phrases, trust me, you won’t be given the chance to reprise your role as her ‘Chief Servicer’ the next time she wants to gerrit.

#5. Let’s be friends » It’s a crime of Mafioso proportions for you to friendzone a woman right after making love to her. Even if you don’t want a relationship, don’t mention it. Be cool. After all, why be friends when she let’s you have more?

Never say those words or you will regret it when the drought has caused all the water in your territories to evaporate.

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