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How to Gain Quality Backlinks for your Blog

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How to build quality backlinks naturally for your blog - Gozkybrain Izuka
For a blog to grow, backlinks are a must. According to high demands by fans for an article on this demanding factor, i decided to write this.
Here are 6 tips to help you build Quality Backlinks Naturally on your blog.

#1. Interviewing Pro-Blogger.

Once in a while ask a pro blogger you're following on facebook or another social media, blogging related stuffs. Tell him you are interviewing him and that it would be published on your blog soon. Do not forget to share him a link of the post once it is published, asking him to read. He would not only read this but share it because you just added to his popularity.

#2. Always Give Credit to Youtube Videos.

When an update requires a Video, do make one. Add the video to your blog through the Youtube embed option and on the Video, drop a link back to the content on your blog. By so doing, viewers that didn't come from your blog (rather youtube) would often go back to your blog, while those who came from your blog would subscribe to your channel - KAPEESH!

#3. Write Quality In-depth Articles.

When your contents are entertaining and yet educating, and serves your readers the purpose it ought to; they'll share it. Good products speak for itself, same with a good blogpost. So write a good article and share with fans and friends, they too would share.

#4. Building Your Free Tool for Websites.

If you are good with Coding and Programming, then include free tools on your blog. Everyone loves freebies, so share free tools for them and they'ld recommend your blog to a friend. Build a Source Code tool, Jersey Maker, Logo Maker, Mp3 and Mp4 tagger tools on your blog. This is the best way to generate natural yet quality backlink for your blog.

#5. Get Help From Your Workplace.

I'm a Student Blogger, the best place to generate quality backlinks is from my Coursemates. Get help from your colleagues, tell them what you do and they'ld recommend your blog to others too - thats networking.

#6. Utilize Comments on Forums & Blog.

Never underestimate the power of comments, they can do wonders. Always leave a relevant comment on any blog post you read and end it with your blog url. If you do it well, it if asks a relevant question, or answers a question very well, the admin would accept it. You can also add your url on your signature.

I hope you find these tips both helpful and useful, take a time out to leave a comment. Are there other ways to gain quality backlinks naturally? Tell us in the comment box.
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